Saturday, January 10, 2009

Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge

So, Bianca took her revenge on me by putting a photo of me on her blog.
Click the link below if you want to read it.

All i have to say is, thank you Bianca for your lovely compliments about me. it did gain my ego.Lmao.

But I think you could have done better than that! ;)

Watch & Learn *smirk*
from left: Mabel, BIANCA and Grace.
From left: Mabel, Me, Grace and Bianca.

The photos were taken in umm...year 2000.LOL.Aren't we just the cutest things you've ever seen? *chuckle*
PS: Bianca, since I put myself included in this---ridiculous and lame---revenge plan. It proves you wrong that I'm actually evil-ler than you. *grin*
Yup. Revenge is sweet. And being evil is a good way. :)


  1. hey babe, it's 'moi' not mua. french has weird spellings. lol. and wad's wif my insane pic!!! argggggggggh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i'll dig sumthing up. dont't you worry =)

  2. Lmao. Thanks for your teaching, babehh! =]
    don't worry about me. it's a privilege to me that you'll do that. =P