Sunday, January 25, 2009


So i'm super bored right now. or maybe I'm just trying to escape from my relatives by blogging.
Anyways, today's blog is going to be about people's materpieces.

First of all is a guy called Josh from aussie that i met on
Here's 3 of his work: (he drew them himself by using paint.)

They're funny-licious, aren't they?

And then i personally like to make icons.
Here are some of my masterpieces that i made by using corel paintshop pro.
(remember to give credits if you're going to copy/save them)
Here's one that i specially made for my sister Brenda (well, she literally asked me to make one for her), i called this one Brenda's favourite quote. not a very good name, i know.

And here are some twilight icons. twilight,twilight,twilight. LOL.

and here's some other random icons with random quotes.

I'm going to make some more later.
I LOVE graphic designing. too bad I can't take this course when i go to Uni in the future.

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