Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Thanks/your welcome to Praja and Dhanube.

So you saw the title.

I'm glad, i mean I'm freakin' happy that you liked it. *smirk*
And thanks for the credits.

Anyways, since i got nothing else to say, I think i better tell you poeple out there why I'm so obsessed with getting credits for what i did.

Well, I used to be an obsessed fan of the Winx club when i was 12. Yeah, freakin' childish i know, but i didn't care. I was so obsessed that i even made a my own fansite for it. So i wasted most of time on my fansite at that time too, by making layouts and graphics. My hardwork paid up cause' i was like on the top 100 of the winx club fan site, world wide. That also mean that my name and my fansite got pretty famous, in the winx club internet world i mean. Then, after some time, someone copied my name and all my graphics and used all of them on his/her own winx club fansite and claimed that he/she was the real creator and i stole them! I wasn't really mad or cared about it because i had my own little fans that they backed me up by sending nasty comments to the Copy-cat, until my own website that i worked for almost 2 freakin' years got hacked. And the website was such a mess when i figured out the password. I was so sick of it that i finally closed down and deleted the website. Yeah, and that's the story why i got so obsessed with getting the credits and hate those nasty copies.


  1. ARGHHH!! oosick biatch!! Three cheers for sweet revenge?? Hello!!?

  2. lol, i dont get what does "three cheers for sweet revenge" have anything to do with this blog.

  3. i meant didn't you want revenge??

  4. Yeah, But i have no idea who's the freakin' hacker.