Sunday, May 31, 2009

You should know me more

Ten Things i Wish i Could Say to Ten Different People (but don't say their name) :
I love you
I forgive you
You suck
You're awesome
You're hot
You're cute
I fell for you once[but i got over it]
You're a bitch[no offense but true]
I'm jealous of you

Nine things about myself :
I'm fun
I'm loud
I swear
I must do workout everyday or i'd be really emo
I'm curvy
I'm kind
Dislike people who have poor English and those who speak english POORLY ON PURPOSE
I'm single
I hate being alone

Eight ways to win my heart :
Have a deep conversation with me
Presents that you made by yourself
Be yourself
Like me or Love me for who I am[but not the bitchy part]
Show me that you care
Teen Vouge magazine

Seven things that cross my mind a lot :
Gorgeous supermodel
My friends
My past
My parents
My future
My sisters
My favourite songs[they always repeated themselves in my head]

Six things I do before I fall asleep :
Switch off lights
Turn on my night light
Listen to my ipod
Use my laptop
Think about a couple of people
Close my eyes and hoping to survive through another night of weird nightmares

Five people who mean a lot (in no order whatsoever) :
Friends (those in particular) LOL

Four things your wearing right now :
My favourite blue and yellow pokadot lingerie
Blue Singlet
Beatrice's adidas jacket
Best & less pants

Three places that you would like to go:
Las vegas

Two things you want to do before you die :
Have sex?
Have a career or even becoming a totally successful mogul with my own clothing line and company. [even my own book]

One confession:
I love collecting lingerie and model in them in front of a full-length mirror

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day before trip to Melbourne

We're all packing and getting everything ready for our flight tomorrow. My two little sis have already finished packing their stuff  two weeks ago. I was like "are you kidding me?!", then i realised that i should've done so, so i won't have to rush and get ready in a hurry in the last minute.

Non of these stuff in these boxes are ours. They're for my relatives. Gosh.  O:

I repacked my luggage for about 3 times. But eventually i got it full enough to be zipped up, briefly. Hey, I'm a girl and I have needs, right?

Speaking of which, despite of gaining back 62 kg, i brought along my workout VCDs along for me to do it in aussie, during winter. ugh,I hate winter cause it's gonna be damn cold. Think about sitting on the toilet seat in the morning when it's about negative 15 celsius degree. But i am excited and grateful that i'm going  =D

PS: I've lost 4 kg! =]

The best of THE CORRS

The Corrs.

Go google them!

They're awesome, i listen to them ever since I'm 6. And I'm still in love with their music.

Here's some of my favourites:

There're actually some more, but i'm just too lazy to list them all out. Their songs are just so me.


Andrew's sis, Amanda CHENG play guitar at GB like 2 weeks ago

ugh, i hate blurry photos.[And sorry about that.]
Anyways, she's awesome. =)
Did i mentioned i love girls who play guitars?

Reasons to love Taylor Swift

I'm just so excited that i woke up at 4am this morning, and i can't get myself back to sleep. Well, Taylor Swift is one of those successful teen celebrities. But for some reasons I don't hate her like the way I hate the others, let me name one then: Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus (sheesh, she thinks she's so cool, not)
I love Taylor Swift cause:
Her songs are awesome, well, most of them.
She's gorgeous.

She has great fashion sense.
& I LOVE girls who could play guitar!

Her hair look nice. I used to thought it looked kinda stupid though cause i hated country music, for no reason. Blah.
& I love her for her sense of humour and creactivity.

And most of all, she made Joe Jonas looked bad for dumping her.

It reminds me of myself when my ex-boyfriends dumped me. You may think it's pretty bitchy but screw it!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The end of the horibble horriffying exam week; well, not really.

All my friends get to lay back and do whatever they want today except me [& Flower] cause they've all finished their exams and i still got account. Damnit. I never even considered to study account! Oh well, it's Principal's order, so i might as well just deal with it.

You'd probably wondering how i did my exam and I've thought of a few words to describe it:

Horrible, TORTURING, pure freaky [a word Bianca made up], total hell [not really, i got an A2 for my modern maths, ps: not bragging], etc.

I just felt like crying after i had my chemistry, biology and additional maths. But i didn't, of course.

Anyways, i ran into Presley[spelling?] on my way to school [gate] this morning, he was wearing a sweater and sick (thank god, it wasn't swine flu, jk). It was raining so he asked if i could share my umbrella with him and i did. I'm such a generous person, i know, right? =D

Anyway, here's a conversation between us:
Me: I don't get it, why don't you guys use umbrellas?
Him: Because guys who uses umbrella are sisi(gay in Chinese), & I AM a MAN.
Me: um...okay...
When we reached the school gate, he continued saying "I AM a MAN", repeatedly. Sheesh, what but to be honest, he does look manly[and is too.]

PS: Call me gay, but i prefer being dry ;)

And OMGosh.
I just realised I'm flying to Melbourne in less than 48 hours!
just fyi.
And i need to go do my workout now or my mum would start to fuss about me not arranging my time properly.
And i really don't want that.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I can't get my mind off...

A totally adorable, a bit geeky looking guy who rocks at soccer, who's smart and extremely nice. & who hates high school musical, just like me! & did I mentioned that he looks kinda geeky and sweet? =D

Update [like a few seconds later] : It's not like I'm in love with him. Just a simple, little, adoring/crush. I think.

Friday, May 22, 2009

False Rumour

I posted this cause I thought I should and I couldn't concentrate on preparing for my history test tomorrow if i don't. Well, today before we had our Malay test, some students from class hoover came into our class for revision cause their class were used for the Chinese exam. I was doing my revision [or chatting] like everyone else. then all of a sudden Brian[Mr. sparkle] was poiting at someone across the room, eye-ing me. I turned to look that he was pointing at Lung Lung. So, I was like 'What about her?' Then, Brian asked me to stop faking it which kinda confused me cause I wondered why i needed to fake an expression. He kinda asked me that didn't I hate her? Which also confused me, a lot. cause' I don't really know her and there's no reason for me to hate her at all. So natural-ly i would ask him what makes him think I hate her. And he didn't want to tell me. [meanwhile, the poor loser i mentioned from my previous post was glaring at me. Wow, how attractive, not.] Anyway, I'm still confused and i just want to say:

Never in my entire life have i ever bad-mouthed or hated her.
I don't have any reason to do so either.

& There are a few rational explanations for this false rumour:

1. Brian was too stressed out that he was delusional.[possible]
2. Someone used my name to bad-mouthed her.[a very common one.]
3. Someone else spread such pathetic rumour just to get attention or get back at me [& I've already suspected someone but whoever it is, i forgive you. ;) ]

So, here you go. This is one of those drama karma/social crap that i have face in my life. I had had worse but whatever, as long as I know I'm innocent I'm okay with it.

I think.

Anyway, still it's kinda funny [& pathetic] for someone to spread a rumour like that.

& OMG, it's 2.11 pm already! D:

Gotta go. Wish me luck!

Update: So, it is brian being delusional after all. poor guy.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

not so Sweet 16

So i'm gonna type everything out in 5 minutes.

My birthday, my 16th BIRTHDAY is tomorrow. Not that i wanna brag about it. I just feel like my blog could use some new posts. Yup, tomorrow's my birthday. 20th of MAY. But yet, like every year, i'd be having my school exams on my special birthday. This year included. So...that means no SWEET 16 birthday bash for moi.

Or a simple party at home.
Or hanging and chilling out with my besties.
Or playing soccer.

cause everyone are all so damn busy preparing for the exam that'd almost drive all of us crazy by putting us into this stress fest. And I'm suppose to be studying my history and my freakin Biology right now. but guess what?! I don't want to! >=(

Well, actually, i love studying history.
*More Babbling*
*And more Babb....*
Fine, i'd shut up.

Anyway, so my parents actually kinda forgot about my birthday, which is kinda the nice cause i really need to concentrate on my studies and not deciding wheter to have what kind flavor of birthday cake. BUT THANKS A LOT TO BRENDA. you just ruinned it. YOU"VE RUINNED EVERYTHING THAT I"VE PLANNED. you just ruinned another night for me to study instead having some extraordinaire dinner.

Yet, I'm happy that you'd actually remember my birthday without me reminding you. =]

so, my parents keep telling me that we should celebrate at some restaurant. but i said no. and they just kept going and going on about how unfair it is that my sisters had celebrated theirs in a special way and I'm not.

Lesson that we all have to learn eventually: LIFE'S UNFAIR, we just have to deal with it.

btw, my mum kept buying me presents and stuff just because I'm not gonna celebrate my birthday. She bought me an average looking bag with unreasonable price yesterday and clothes that are definitely not me. I dont like them but i dont hate them either. I guess i just don't love them. So, I told her to stop buying me stuff that i don't need, nicely. But I regretted cause my mum looked dissapointed and upset afterwards. ugh, i hate being in this guilt fest.

PS: I might as well let you know that I am definitely not spoilt. I just don't like wasting money on stuff i dont' like or stuff that i don't need or i won't use.

AND OMG, i used up 15 minutes for this. gotta go.
tata babehhs.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

My dad sighed when he saw me doing this; Ps: i did this after i finished studying history.So no guilt there.

1. Besides your lips , where is the favourite spot to get kissed ?


2. How did you feel when you woke up this morning ?

Confused and scared as flashes of the nightmare i had repeated.

3. Who was the last person / people you took a photo with ?

My little cousin Juliet! =D

4. Would you consider yourself spoiled?

only 26%, lol facebook quiz.

5. Will you ever donate blood ?


6. Have you ever had a best friend who was of the opposite sex ?WAS?

Yes, Mr. sparkle? I'm not sure.

7. Do you want someone to be dead ?

Yes, but he'll eventually die anyway, so whatever.

8. What does your last text message say ? biggie. [ugh. that's like so passe! no offense tho.]

9. What are you thinking right now ?

that Imma practice my guitar and do my workout afterward. or maybe i'll do some pilates too.

10. Do you want someone to be with you right now ?

Not really, i feel like being alone today.

No.11. What was the time you went to bed last night ?

9.45pm sth

12. Where did you buy the tee you are wearing now ?

Ngiu Kee, Goggles. and it's a singlet not a tee.

13. Is someone on your mind right now ?

Sadly, yes.

No.14. Who was the last person who text you ?


TEN Lucky Person to do this quiz... (People who visits my blog often and has a blog)

1. Mr. Sparkle, Brian

2. Rina

3. Bianca

4. Els

5. Hui bing

6. Chiew Ee

7. Skinny boy Andrew

8. Olivia

9. weikuang

10. Eunice

15. Who is no.2 having a relationship with ?

She's single.

16. Is no.3 a male or a female ?


17. If no.7 and no.1 get together , would it be a good?

LOL, it'll be kinda cool if they're gays. but no.

18. What is no.1 studying about ?

Linkin Park lyrics? LOL.

19. When was the last time you chatted with them ?

1. Friday

2. Friday

3. Friday

4. Last Sunday, on msn

5. No idea

6. Can't seem to remember

7. 2 years ago...or was it 3?

8. Two months ago

9. Can't remember either.

10.umm...2 weeks ago?

20.Is no.4 single ?

21. Say something about no.2 .
She's pretty and fun.

22. What do you think about no.3 & no.6 being together ?
I despise lesbians so no.

23. Describe no.9 .
He wears glasses.

24. What will you do if no.6 and no.7 fight ?
I'd asked someone to buy me some popcorns and watch the conflict together.LOL. jk.

25. Do you like no. 8?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I know I shouldn't be doing this.

1. My uncle once : took me to golf
2. Never in my life : has my cush ever notice me.
3. When I was seventeen : I'd wish I could be beautiful.
4. High school was : Full of crap and drama.
5. I will never forget : The day I saw Andrew playing electric guitar. [and yes, he plays it really well.]
6. I once met : Avril Lavigne in Mel but then i realized it was somebody else.
7. By noon, I’m usually : walking to sanyan mall from school to meet up with my mum.
8. The fifties were great because : Because they invented this cute little peace symbol.
9. If I was a character in Shakespears, I’d be : Juliet but end up marrying Romeo and have kids and live happily ever after =]
10. By this time next year : I'll become totally skinny and hot like Miranda Kerr. I hope.
11. You know I like you if : I'd talk to you for a long time.
12. If I ever won an award, the first two persons I’d thank would be : My parents and those who insulted me[well, not really. i'd probably tell them that i hope it gives them hell.]
13. Take my advice, never : tell people about you're crush.
14. Why won’t people : understand that I HAVE to be perfect or I'd hate myself for not being one.
15. If you spend the night at my house : you'll find yourself so full that you'd have to unbutton your jeans.
16. I’d stop my wedding for : some "quality time" with my husband in a private room. UNDISTURB. ;)
17. The world could do without : skinny anorexic bitches without boobs. But yet, they make me look fabulous. =D
18. My favorite brunette is : Jessica Alba =) , I was gonna say Amanda Bynes but she dyed her hair blonde.
19. If I do anything well, it’s : being a listener.
20. And by the way : Someone broke my heart[not exactly, he's not capable of my existance anyway] and had me hiding under the blankets, crying for hours last night.