Thursday, January 22, 2009


After Math tuition, Bianca dare-d me to flirt at a guy and asked for his number.(i thought the guy was pretty cute in a way, please don't get the wrong idea, it's just an observation.) And i accepted.

Here it goes.

i tapped him on the shoulder.
Me: Can i have your phone number please? [I'm sucky in flirting. don't mock me, I've never flirt in my entire life before.]
Guy: huh? [looked at me with shocked eyes]
Me: please?
Guy: huh...What the...[his voice was shaking]
Me: umm..hello?[i felt annoyed cause i could hear Bianca trying to back off a laugh]
Guy:huh?.....What the...[voice still shaking, i could see he was gawking, how rude. lol]
Me: Don't worry, it's just a dare from my friend to get your number.
Bianca yelling in a distance: No! She really wants to get your number! [and that did it.]
Guy: Huh?...[i could see he was too shocked that he could have faint]
Me: Sorry about that, excuse me. [Me not feeling embarrassed at all heading forward to Bianca to punch her breast.]

We fought for like 5 seconds. then we made up! LOL. we're a bunch of retarded best friends.

I bet you're jelous right now. ;)

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