Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Married at 16.

Before Chinese New Year, one of my cousins invited all of us to a fancy restaurant to have dinner. and there was a wedding dinner so we're left to sit in the corner.

we arrived at the restaurant at the same time with the married couples. I was hyper cause i just drank like a can of sprite (my mum doesn't allow us to drink soft drink, so it's like once in a life time). So where am i, oh yeah. I was hyper and excited that there was actually a wedding dinner(we're not their guests.) that i hopped towards the couples and said Congratulation.The groom just stare, the bride said thanks. And i was staring at them for a few seconds until i realised that i had to tilt my head down so that i could see their faces.(they're like shorter than me, no offense.)


they're looked so freakin' young like if they're just sixteen. Married at 16.---they're not actually 16--- Wow. I looked so much older when i was standing beside them, as if I'm actually 22 years old. The bride was beautiful btw, seriously.

I could have took a better photo of them but Joshua was so embarrassed by my retarded action that he shaked me on the shoulder to ruin everything! Thanks.a.lot.Josh.

the evil master who ruined my chance on capturing a better photo of the newly wed couple.

See how guilty he looked? Well, josh you SHOULD be ashame of yourself...jk.
Then there was this conversation:
Brenda: They looked so young..and short!
Me: I know.
Aunt Mena: Amanda, that means you should get enganged and get marry soon too!
Me: OMG! what a great theme for my SWEET 16 party! Married at 16! (i said it out loud enough for my parents to hear.)
Brenda: Are you sure about that?
Me: shhh.....
Emille: You could make a list who you'd wish to marry, Amanda. *chuckled* (I thought about Jacob Black immediately)
Brenda: But what if you regret it?
Me: I'll get a divorce then.
Brenda: But you're not even sixteen yet!
Me: good point.
Me: Yesterday, i was a girl. Today, I'm a woman!
Joshua: Yeah, and tomorrow you'll be a GRANDMA!
----everyone laughed except me. I was actually glaring at josh.----

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