Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Eating with Feelings.

Today's blog is going to be about people who eats with feelings. Yeah, the title tells you all.
Anyway, I wonder if you've ever known why fat people (including me) likes to eat alot. It's because they're happy when they do. Yeah, We hate it when we look into the mirror; but then we thought life's not that bad, as long as you're happy right? but if you're not, go exercise! Don't whine like a baby and just sit on the couch in front of the tv eating chips non-stop. It's just an advice btw, no offense.

Here's some photos dedicating to the title above.

Brenda with the gigantic lollipop,which costed RM 40 something. She actually begged my mum to buy it for her as her birthday+christmas present, but she failed and end up drooling and looking at the lollipop non-stop until I have to drag her when we need to go home.

And this is Brenda again, enjoying the mushroom soup at pizza hut. See how serene she looked?

Brenda eating the leftover ice-cream

The happy eater here is Clement. This is his first time of eating a certain noodle that could only found in Sibu, that i forgot what's the name of the dish; after 3 years, i guess.He looks happy there for sure, obviously.
See what i mean?lol.

And here's Melissa eating Thomas's birthday cake. The "holy light" made the cake looked like as if it's a gift from heaven.

Hana and Sylvia eating their lunch at the last minute at GB. ;)

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