Monday, March 30, 2009

Earth Day =D

As an absolute Earth lover [i'm guilty as a consumer,too], i turned off all the lights and the air-conditioner in my room at 8.30 pm sharp. My dad wouldn't let me turn off the other ones[air-conditioners] at home. =(

Anyway, i watched American pie at 8.40 pm sth with my laptop. I thought the movie was pretty boring but i needed to do sth. Then, i realised that i was sending messages with Adrian the whole time.

I finished the movie at 10.52 pm. [long, low whistle] I left the laptop on my bed, beside me and went to sleep.

The next day, Sandy woke me up at 5.45 sth IN THE [SUNDAY] MORNING, when i could've sleep through at least 7 IN THE MORNING! I was like WTH?! and that's when she just told me that we're going "ching ming" and visit our late granpa and great-grandparents on my mother's side. My parents had planned this for a week and i just knew. So far for being a perfect team as a BIG HAPPY FAMILY! sheesh--; no offense.

Another TAG?

Rules:It’s harder than it looks! Copy to your own note, erase my answers, enter yours, and tag twenty people.
Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions.They have to be real…nothing made up!
If the person before you had the same first initial,you must use different answers.You cannot use any word twice and you can’t use your name for the boy/girl name question.

1. What is your name: Amanda
2. A four Letter Word: Amen
3. A boy’s Name: Aaron
4. A girl’s Name: Aurora
5. An occupation: A multibillionare+famous fashion designer
6. A color: Aqua
7. Something you’ll wear: (another name for hoodie!i think)

8. A food: Antipasto [italian]
9. Something found in the bathroom: Air? lol
10. A place: Australia
11. A reason for being late: Acting for a new coming movie!

12. Something you’d shout: Aaaaarrrrrghhh!!!, i'll probably shout OMG, but wth.
13. A movie title: American Pie
14. Something you drink: Alcohol? anything?
15. A musical group:Angels and Airwaves, Augustana, I'm not sure if that's really a band though.
16. An animal: Ant, does insect counts?

17. A street name: St. Amanda (somewhere in melbourne =D )
18. A type of car: Audi A3
19. The title of a song: All the small things
20. Tag 5 people :

1. Brian, mr sparkle.
2. Gary
3. Flower
4. Nick,
5. Anyone if you have nothing better to do.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Another Friday.

I saw Josh was still sleeping when i arrived school. I took a photo of him cause i thought he looked adorable. [since, he's not "glaring" at anyone at the moment.]



"When you look me in the eyes, and tell me that you love me. Everything's so wrong,When you're right here by my side, when i sth sth [forgot], i catch a glimpse of the toilet, i found my perfect hell. When you look me in the eyes." ==

Going to BK class.

Me and Dhanube at Bk class. Seh ea moh.

There was an accident on my way back home after playing soccer with the guys. I've never seen a car overturned before....ICK!!

Tagged, again?

Write the names of 21 friends you can think off the top of your head, and then answer the questions. Say you’re guessing if you don’t know, but at least guess on all of them. After doing this, tag your 21 friends to do the same.
1. Adrian
2. Gary
3. Hoe Sing
4. Cheryl
5. Ang Hua
6. Brian, sparkle
7. Aaron
8. Nick
9. Joshua
10. Bianca
11. Rina
12. Paul
13. Shirley
14. Fiona
15. Bethany
16. Melanie
17. Karina
18. Kwang Zhong
19. Ian chew
20. Ian Clifford
21. Stephen

*How did you meet 7? (Aaron)
Soccer ; form 3 november

*What would you do if you and 15 had never met? (Bethany)
I dont know

*What would you do if 20 and 1 dated? (Ian Clifford, Adrian)
It'll NEVER happen. unless they're gays. and of course they're not!

*Have you ever seen 17 cry? (Karina)

*Would 4 and 16 make a good couple? (Cheryl, Melanie)

*Do you want to be 13's friend forever? (Shirley)
Yupp, she's one of the nicest person i've ever met.

*Do you think 11 is attractive? (Rina)
Yeah. she's pretty alright.

*What’s 5’s favorite color? (Ang Hua)
It changes from day to day.

*When was the last time you talked to 9? (Joshua)

*What language does 8 speak?(Nick)
Chines, English, Malay and sth sth.

*Who is 13 going out with? (Shirley)

*What grade is 16 in? (Melanie)
Form 4; science

*Would you ever date 17? (Karina)

*Where does 18 live? (Kwang Zhong)
No idea

*What is the best thing about 4? (Cheryl)
I'd have to make a list of it.

*What would you like to tell 10 now? (Bianca)
Shut up & let me go! XD

*What is the best thing about 20? (Ian Clifford)

*Have you ever kissed 2? (Gary)

*What’s the best memory you have of 5? (Ang Hua)
The first time when we played soccer together. He's awesome =D

*When’s the next time you’re going to see 4? (Cheryl)
Next Monday

*How is 7 different from 6? (Aaron, Brian)
Not really, 50-50 lah.

*Is 2 pretty? (Gary)
yeah. i guess.

*What was your first impression of 15! (Bethany)
Innocent and adorable. i guess.

*How did you meet 3? (Hoe Sing)
This year, when he was transfered to science side and sat in front of me.

*Is 15 your best friend? (Bethany)

*Do you hate 12? (Paul)
Nah, he's cool.

*Have you seen 18 in the last month? (Kwang Zhong)

*When was the last time you saw 16? (Melanie)

*Have you been to 5's house? (Ang Hua)

*When’s the next time you’ll see 10? (bianca)
next monday

*Are you close to 11? (Rina)
nope, dont think so.[answer changed: yupp. LOL.]

*Have you been to the movies with 4? (Cheryl)

*Have you gotten in trouble with 8? (Nick)
No, i didn't...or did i?

*Would you give 19 a hug? (Ian Chew)
Sure, as long as he's not scared or gets the wrong idea.

*When have you lied to 3? (Hoe Sing)
I can't remember.

*Is 11 good at socializing? (Rina)

*Do you know a secret about 8? (Nick)
We're not close. so, no.

*Describe the relationship between 12 and 18.(Paul, Kwang Zhong)

*What’s the best thing about your friendship with 9? (Joshua)
He's my favourite target to be poke at. =)

*What’s the worst thing about 6? (Brian)
Let see,hmmm....I dunno, i mean he's one of my best buddies so far.

*Have you ever had a crush on 12? (Paul)

*How long have you known 2? (Gary)
2 years and a half babehh.

*Have you ever been in a fight with 13? (Shirley)

*Does 11 have a bf/gf? (Rina)
Dunno.{answer changed: NOPE. Guys,she s still avaible on the market! lol.]

*Have you ever wanted to punch 1 in face? (Adrian)
Nope, he's like a really nice big bro for me to talk to.

*Has 21 met your mother? (Stephen)

*How did you meet 11? (Rina) dancing class when i was 11

*Did you ever accidentally physically hurt 3? (Hoe Sing)
YES! he deserved it after getting my books wet, ON PURPOSE! LOL, well not really, but he kinda did knock down my water bottle on purpose.

*Do you live close to 7? (Aaron)
Yeah, about 10 km. =P

*What is 8’s favorite food? (Nick)
Again, we're not close, so, I don't know.

*What kind of car does 1 have? (Adrian)
We just met and know each other for a month. so, no, i have no idea.

*Have you traveled anywhere with 9? (Joshua)

*If you gave 14 $100, what would they spend it on? (Fiona)
Give her a 100 bucks?! not gonna happen. Xp

I tag: Mark, Gary, Brian[mr sparkle], Ang hua,Bianca Ling, Nick, and so on and on and on.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Uneducated Lala's a.k.a. Ah beng

Speaking of the LaLas. I just remembered that I received an email just about them last year.

So, here it is:

Malaysia is blessed with multi ethnics and race . We have the malays , chinese and the indians.

Each of those race have a special retarded breed.

Malays : Mat Rempit

Chinese : Ah Beng/LaLa

Indians : Mixture of Both

I would like explain to you about the breed called Ah Beng.

1. Ah Beng only applies to Chinese

2. They speak very broken english and when talking online they either talk with CAPITALS or LiKe ThAT.

3. They dress like some unducated fool. ( See Below )

Before proceeding , please take a look at the Ah Beng Classification Map.


First and foremost i would like to demonstrate an example sentence.

Example Sentence 1 : Oi Blader , Ordering the lice ady be ? what you's order . Got Pok or not ?

Translation : Oi Brother , Have you ordered rice ? What did you order . Did you order Pork ?


Example Sentence 2 ( Friendster ) : HeYZz , wAzZuP aH huAT eRe ! YoU vElY preTTy leHHs . Me caN be FriEnds wiTh yoUUz mA ? mE this yeAR 16 o ^^ . mE nO stuDY becAusE theY saY mE enGliSH kA nA sAi lO ! buT mE eNglisH vElY gooD mA ! nO mA ? mE feEl mE enGliSh velY goOd loH ! NevErMinDzZ lAH , yOu hoW maNy olD diS yeAR ? stUdY aT whEre sChOOL ?. HoPE to sEe yOu SoOnZ ! FriENDs fOreVEr !

My Opinion : As you can see the English level cannot be regarded as English , He thinks very highly of himself . He/She writes Friends Forever although they are not friends yet. Sigh.


Example 3 ( Messenger )

Oh , No Lah where got ?
Bird ?
Oh, Okay.
15. Between where did you get my MSN from ?
I guess so.
Oh, Nevermind.
Didnt i write it in my profile ?
Nevermid. Gtg Bye

*Blocks The Ah Beng*

Ah Beng never see's the girl online ever again but is too stupid to ever think that she blocked him.


Example 4 ( Gaming )


*Ah Beng dies after five minutes*


*Ah Beng leaves the game*

They like to caps and say the word FUCK when gaming because they think it shows their level of pro-ness . They pick on people's father mother and always state midnight as the time to die . Reason because they always receive chainmail from their ah beng friend's . This chainmail is being circulated over and over again in their circle of Ah Beng.


Lastly , i would like to explain how Ah Beng's dress-up

1. A striking hair colour is a must . It symbolizes their coolness . Presenting the famous Ah Beng " Hair " .

Ex Beng Style.

current beng style

2. The next must have thing is the TINTED GLASSES .

3. Their Shirt must have at LEAST two colours . Any shirt less than two colours will not be worn by them . The more the colour , the cooler they are . The Ah Beng hypothesis.

The Most Famous Ah Beng/Lala Shirt In Malaysia.

Then their girlfriend will be like that. [Also known as the LaLas.]

4. OH. when it comes to pants . this is the most disastrous. You know those pants with those straps ? Yeah , you get the picture now dont you .

Yeah I Know It's Familiar.

---End of email.---

So, know we'd learned more about the Lalas/Ah bengs.Question.

Are You one of them?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

LaLa story; REAL live LaLa

Last night, just like any other Tuesday nights, I went for math tuition at Mr chieng's. When i walked in, Bianca quickly told me to check out the girl behind her in a whispering tone. I was like what about her?.

Then i saw her bogus nails pedicure, her fugleh fluffy pink boot and outfit, her too shinny and overloaded accessories, her funny looking barbarian[seriously] hairdo.

it seemed like she just suffered a lala disease[go to Eunice's blog if you have no idea what I'm talking about.]

But I'd just assume that she's a pure LaLa.A real live pure LaLa.

I was like OMG, OMG,how fugleh!...and Bianca was like Yuck Yuck Yuck! while Michael was smirking, i think.

I was going to take a photo of her but i'd failed.
I know i know, a photo of her could've been perfect for this post. =D

Songs/Videos i specially picked for Bianca and Rina babahhs.

Enjoy! =]

Haw Haw Worthy =D

I think it's last Friday that i was having this group chat with Bianca and rina on msn. We were having this conversation and rina started talking about role model with bianca and i had no idea what they were tslking about. Then the Haw haw madness came around. I had no idea what they were talking about either unitl rina sent me this:

Then I remember i used to do that all the time with Brenda whenever we mock anyone/anything. LOL, good times good times.

We went back to school and continued the haw haw worthy[madness, that's what i'd called it.] But when i got my exam papers back, it was so not haw haw worth. I was so upset that i eventually ate too much;not my purpose. And eventually, i need to work harder than before to cut off my cardio. But i can't cause I'm PMS-ing!!!!!

And this morning i saw my friend, Joshy----Joshua----was studying, i mean staring at his biology book.

Me: Why are you studying bio? [i was about to poke him, like any other day, but he seemed gloom-ier than any other day]
Josh: I'm conforting myself for the genre of result i got.[covering---protecting--- his waist from being poke by me =P ]
Brian,sparkle: [singing linkin park's lyrics, roughly. i just stared at him while josh went back to his own little conforting with his text book.]

I didn't know exactly how much he got for bio. But i did what he did and it was conforting. Guess i dont need to eat up so much the next time. =D

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Human beings are creatures with distinct emotions. Emotions such as that makes you go GaGa, makes you embrace your life warmly or feeling devasted. And today this week has been one of those days that my heart feels pretty empty, like something important has been missing. And i have no idea what it is. I feel like crying more than ever, but the funny thing is, i can't. I could feel that something is getting heavier---which is not my weight, FYI---every single minute, like something or someone has been pushing me down or pulling me under. [jeez, i'm sinking]. I've tried everything to make myself feel better: Eating Dark Chocolate[my personal fave] but then i didn't cause i didnt have the appetite, Exercise, practising my piano, watching desperate housewives[I heart Bree, she's awesome], Trying to talk to someone else to fill the emptiness, talking to heather when other people doesn't even bother to care. But all of it didn't worked at all, and I'm feeling even worse, knowing that i'll get another weird, crazy, stupid nightmare tonight. and it's already 9.24 pm!; my curfew's at 9pm. Let's just say that I'm feeling really annoyed, depressed and confused for no good reason. And it's a really stupid and ungrateful thing to do cause I'm healthy, I live in a happy family without any family issues[sort of] or parents who are getting divorce, I'm not rich but I'm not poor either, and I'm not skinny but I'm not obese either, etc.

Maybe i just need a day out with my friends or something. or i need a beer?[i won't do that though, even if i really want to but i also know that it would break my mother's heart.]

Anyway, i keep telling myself to think of the bright side, at least i won't get another weird nightmare tonight. [I doubt it.]

Monday, March 16, 2009


today's 16/3 so that means it's .....


Happy Birthday Rina!


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Busy. Insane. Nuts.

I've been pretty really busy these weeks. So I'm going to update everything. when i say everything i mean EVERYTHING after my exams this week.

So yeah.

*Closing Window*

*Shutting down Computer*

*Sitting in front of my account homeworks*

*Ears are hurting cause lil' sis is singing out LOUD while she's listening to MY ipod*

*telling lil' sis to shut up.*

*Running away before she gets to punch me in the face*

I knew i should have ask for a shield for christmas last year.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Tagged by Rina.

Thank you Rina for tagging me. Thanks an awful lot! I've been studying my chemistry for hour? and my head's starting to feel heavy...and I'm starting to feel really bored. And being tagged is actually something pretty fun for me. =]

1. Would you date someone younger or someone older?
* Older, but not too old please.

2. What do you usually do at 3 am?
* Sleeping; Running from the evil dark master who'd always wanted to catch me and torture me as his prisoner/slave since I was 5, in my nightmares.

3. The Dumper or The Dumped?
* I hate bein dumped, but i also hat being a dumper. wait, i'll use a token for this Question....and it's...the DUMPER. cool, at least it's better than being dumped. =p

4. Describe yourself in 10 words :
* I'm just simply simple and that's what made me special. =/

5. Got to know something interesting recently?
* About how could a girl act bitchy and slutty but sweet at the same time, how come i have depression, how can i cure it, would i be single forever if i dont start to learn how to flirt, am i a loser/dork/freak?, Am i thinking too much?, some guys called me fat and ugly in the public 2 days ago and I wonder if they're right, That my imaginary figure-friend-,Sam had left me for quite a while since she told me that she'd hang out with her new boyfriend for sometime, a new imaginary figure-friend-to be there for me, etc. etc. [i seriously need to see a therapist or something.]

6. List down 3 things that scared the light out of you.
* the dark master in my nightmares.
* that i might weight over 100 kg in the future due to my family's genes [no offense]
* that I lose everyone that i love [which also includes friends and family]

7. How old are you?
* 15 years old and 9 months and 6 days.

8. Do you know anyone by the name Sheryl?
* Nope.

9. Chocolate?
* Any dark chocolate! I'm LOVIN' it.

10. How are you feeling?
* a mixture of tired-ness and depression...and dont forget stressed out.

11. How’s life so far?
* Stressed out. Going nuts. Going insane. Depressed. Has the urge to scream like a total maniac but cant cause not allowed to. [i think i need a hug]

12. Done anything bad in the past 3 months?
* I know there are but i cant think of one right now.

13. What was the most insulting thing anyone’s ever said to you in the past month?
* "Hey Amanda, do you know that you remind me of some UGLY FAT-ASS on tv?" I ignored the jerk, but i was too busy trying not to laugh at the same time. It's funny cause the jerk who insulted me was obviously facing obesity problems. I know i'm not slender or skinny but I'm sure that I'm not THAT fat. XD

14. Are you hairy?
* I have long luscious black hair, does that count?

15. Musical/Athletic?
* hmmm....I'm not sure. Does intensive workouts count as a sport?

16. How’s the muffin?
* I agree with Rina. Choc flavoured ones ARE nice.

17. Do you love anybody specifically?
* Besides God. My family, my friends and heather, my new imaginry figure-friend-. HA! take that Sam! no offense.

18. Have you every cheated on your lover?
* No. in fact, i was the victim of the cheater. Boo hoo. whatever.

19. Do you consider yourself good-looking?
* I dont know, my dad kept telling me that I'm beautiful while everyone else are telling me the opposite.

Thank you for answering. *What? that's it? I want more pls.*

Since Rina had tagged almost everyone i think i'll post this on facebook too.
people i tag:
* Brian (mr. sparkle)
* Ang Hua [Flower]
* Gary (GAH/lily.)
* Cheryl (Miss heatherfield.)
* Louis Tang
* Nick (tiong) [and i gotta give you a nickname]
* Ashley Tang Yi Ying
* Lawrence Kiing
* Amanda Cheng
* Bianca Ling
* Derek Lau
* Adam Chew
* Brandon Chew [i know we dont really know each other but I just love tagging people randomly =p ]
* Christine Chew [same with you Christine, =p]
* Aaron Ting Hua Choon [i gotta give you a nickname too.]
* Karina Khiu
* Beatrice Lim

*Yup, i guess that's it.*