Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year's Resolution.

I'm not sure if I'm going to do the things on the list below with success---I'm not even sure if I'll even do it---*sigh* anyway, here it goes:

-Lose at least 15 pounds (thanks a lot to my mum's amazing cooking skill; i did gain this much weight. D= )
-Workout 90 minutes,5 days a week to get abs. (I adored men and women with abs, call me perverb if you even want to =P )
-Resist the amazing taste---and smell---of CHOCOLATE!!! (I'm a chocoholic *smirk*)
-Try not to talk too much & sound weird when i do. (I talk/sound weird when I'm nervous)
-Try not to be too obsessed with Twilight topics.
-Be more cofident.
-Be more optimistic.
-Be more crazy ( if that's good)
-Swear less (my mum is really mad at me as i've been using a lot of the word shit. lmao.)
-Practice my piano even though i've quit.
-try to control my temper.
-try not to shout/yell (at someone) when i lose it.
-Study harder that i get to be on the top 3 in class.
-buy a shield (to protect me from my little sister's amazingly painful punch; for a 12 year old, she's good at it.)

I want to add "try not to be so dorky"; but since "-Be more cofident. & Be more optimistic." is on the list, i think i'll pass that =D

P.S.: MERRY NEW YEAR everyone! =D

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