Tuesday, January 13, 2009


It had been raining for like 3-4 days.It was freakin' cold that I got freakin' sick. YUCK.

First, it was like if there are thoudsands of tiny needles stucked in my throat and to make it worse, i couldn't stop coughing. Then i was burning up. Later, i got freakin' cold that I wore like a long sleeves shirt with 2 jackets and 2 pants and 2 pairs of socks. But I was still cold, like if I'm standing in the middle of a snow storm on mount buller during winter when it was only raining. UGH. I hate it. I personally prefer summer more than winter. But summer's too hot anyway. I'm happy that I'm actually living in Malaysia where there's no winter around. I'm suppose to be at school right now, but I'm really really sick that i've lost my voice(i wasn't kidding about I felt there are thousands of tiny needles stucked in my throat.)

I knew I shouldn't have eat the chocolate my dad bought on Sunday. I think i'll try, no, I will avoid eating stuff contain sugar from now on. Thanks to the chocolate, i gained another kilogram. *frown*

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