Sunday, July 26, 2009

On Hiatus


But will come back to life on the 21/8/09.

But since I'm online right now I'd just typed down a few random stuff, like how busy my life have been since the day of MJ's death---not that he has anything to do with my life except the music part

My daily routine could be seen in this way:

Monday-Friday morning: school

Everday: Use up at least 30 minutes on practising guitar and harmonica[my grandma's teaching me how to play hermonica, soundds so sweet right?]

Monday and Wed afternoon: Tuition

Tuesday night: Add. maths tuition.
Monday till Sunday except Saturday: Doing workouts like aerobics or even pilates for 2 hours from 4 sth pm till 6pm. Shower then have dinner then help mum do a few chores and do homeworks and study and read a novel/ book for awhile then eventually go to bed at 10 or 11.

Saturday: would maybe go out in the morning, but if not would stay at um go to GB meeting from 1.45 till 4.45pm thne go back do a few flow exercise then take a shower then have dinner with my family outside somewhere.then come back home, do a few chores then continue reading the book/novel I'm reading and sometimes check my mails and do pointless but fun facebook quizzes, {ps: i had a veideo conversation with praja and Blotch[bianca] last night, it was fun lol] then go to bed at 10.

Sunday: Maybe would go out but i often just stay at home and study or just waste my time on writing my diary or stuff like reading the novel I'm reading.

My life just sounds so exciting, doesn't it?