Thursday, November 26, 2009

Hey Yawl

I made another blog,
yay? =]
I figure this blog is a bit too messy so i made another one...with a new email add.
darn, if only i remember that i could make register more than 1 blog with one email account.
But that doesn't matter anymore.
Ciao. :)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Use somebody

It would be nice for me to use someone to talk to. But then again, My journal is my best friend who i could trust the most after God and Jesus.
I'm listening to "love drunk" by boys like girls with an earbud put on my right ear. They're awesome, man. And it kind of reminded me of my first relationship with a guy i now resembles as a two times back-stabbing jerk/ lying snake who i wasted my tears and youth on. And if you happens to be the one that's reading this right now, I'm so over you , for real and i hope you'd have a nice life since we all need to move on and you'll need to get over me,too. Oh yeah, stop being so obsessed with yourself, ok? :)
Oh yeah, I've been listening to John Mayer and Paramore these days, they're awesome. Love 'em.

And did I mention how much i love my guitar and Andrew's electric one? Well, guitars are awesome, man. I wanna get a electric one someday. I never thought i would have my dream come true----having the chance to learn how to play guitar. I even noticed something, my fingers feel warmer since i've started practicing guitar chords. See? Guitars are awesome, just what I've told you. :)

Diet/Health Diary 6...or is it 7?

So I could wear my old clothes again. :) And I'm getting more fit----not bragging. But for some reason, I'm getting weaker and more tired most of the time now. I even started taking naps which I've never done so since I was 7! My parents keep telling me I'm over doing it[workout]. I don't really quite understand them. I mean, at first they told me it is normal for us to do it for about 1 to 2 hours. And who knows who but someone started a rumor that i over do it and do workout for 3 hours per day and that i started have depression that causes me to cut myself and knocking/running myself into walls! GOSH! And now, most of my relatives think I'm some kind of sick weird emo. Fyi, those aerobics workout session had cured my depression, FOR REAL. and that's why i love doing it. It felt so good to sweat and feel your whole body toned and getting stronger. And then you wanted to do it over again and again just to feel the sweat covering all over your body and the adrenaline rushing through your veins. It has always feel awesome. ------my mum kinda suggested that I might have became an exercise addict but I dont think there's any harm since it's not like any drugs or alcohol or shoping is involved.

Why so serious?

I went back early today, again. Yep, three times in a row. This time is allergies. How absurd it is?! Well, it is for someone who never had allergies in her entire life until last Saturday. :( I bet it's my sister's fault since they cursed me like 2 weeks ago. Well...not really, but close enough. We were having dinner and they were whining about how unfair it is that they have prawn allergies and i dont have to worry about something like that. And now, thanks to them, i can't even get to scratch my now itching butt----------My mum assured me not to do so or it'll get worst and I'm putting on aloe vera lotion every 2 hours,which i should be doing right now instead of updating these meaningless information online.

So, my gym teacher asked me what's wrong this time, again. & i was so embarrassed for some reason that I asked why he always had to asked. but then i quickly faked a smile and told him that i was joking right after i saw him strike a sad and offended expression. Nice safe. Well, i didn't mean to be rude. I guess i was just embarrassed for being so weak.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Praja and Dhanube were here and just went home.
I'm having a terrible headache.
Because of the stupid headache, I can't do my workout.
I am Freakin' pissed at myself and feeling so damn guilty right now cause' I'm not doing exercise, which I'm supposed to and I ate lots of junk food with Rina and Bianca today.
I'm not gonna update much details about my exams,just not now.
I'm gonna update about my trip to aussie which is about 2 months ago....some other time.
I dont feel like blogging much because i kinda feel like I'm just wasting my precious time and youth.
& Rina's Bro commented that our blogs are just like any other teenage blogs...nothing special.
(well, heck, i dont care.)
I need to attend the gb pioneer council dinner at a church tonight *grunt*
& I bet it's gonna be pretty boring.....
I failed my Chemistry...i think.
I only got 84% for my English paper which is also one of the reasons I'm mad!
& my mum's going to nag about how poor i am in english since Malaysia has such low standards,no offense.
I need a hug =(
But I'm not allowed to hug anyone cause' my mum thinks it's what a pervert would do.
And most of all I've had fun with praja and dhanube today <3

I'm gonna describe myself in one word.


Monday, August 24, 2009

99 days left.

It's funny how I haven't been updating lately since I'm so busy and got nothing to update about. Anyway, It's only 99 days left till I get to watch "NEW MOON" in theater! I'm so Freakin excited since New Moon has always been my favourite book in all 4 of the saga.

& Anxious cause I've been doing the count down since last november, when they anounced the released date. =]

And Taylor Lautner never look hotter <3

& Dakota Fanning is the absolute perfect actress for jane =D
I bet the rest of the volturi will be amazing too.

& dont forget about the wolf pack!
Well, I've always thought Kristen makes the perfect Bella <3

Why Country should NEVER be mixed with Rap

This is why,