Monday, January 5, 2009

First day of School.

First day of school was rather boring. I even finish my homework before the school ends and I was spending most of my time reading my history text book. (which are the things that are not normally what i could have done; especially first day of school.)
hmmm...since there's nothing else to talk about.
I guess I'll just talk about last saturday.

It was my my first time attending a girls brigade meeting since umm...a year ago. It wasn't officially the first meeting of the year, cause we still need to get more members. So us Piniors (how old, lol) were dicussing on the presentation thingy we're going to do this wednesday. While the others were praticing the dance. I was sitting back hanging out with my girlfriends.

this is a photo of Bianca before she gone crazy after I told her Taylor Lautner---who played jacob black on twilight--- will be replace by some guy call Michael. Her mad reaction was priceless.

and here's a photo of her again when she was hanging out at my place.
[Bianca, if you're reading this blog, i just want to tell you that since you didn't allowed me to put it on facebook, i might as well just put it here. =P]

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