Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cousins. and my new adopted brother.

So, there's going to be like half of the family members---which is 21 people---from my dad's side are coming back for CNY. and they all are staying at our places for like 10 days. And guess what? my dad just adopted a big bro for me! cool, right?
this is Brenda trying to give every fish a name.

My sis, Brenda(left), and my dad (right) LOL.

My little sis, Sandra aka Sandy.

Cousin Joshua showing off his neck.

thanks a lot to my sucky skill and camera. she doesn't look that good in this photo. sorry, Beatrice!

I really do need to improve my photograhy skill.

Joshua again, with better hair.

my cousin Beatrice(right) and her boyfriend, Douglas(left)

This is Jeremy. My cousin/new adopted big bro.

LOL. this is random. it's a photo of Brenda stucked in a toy tent.

This is my niece, Melissa Button.

Cute, isn't she?

This is jeremy having his dinner. If you wonder what that grey thing was,it was the pot for cooking rice.Yup, he sure has a big appetite. I'm so proud. XD

Jeremy spotted me and tried to escape.

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