Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Upset. Empty. Suicidal.

I'm feeling pretty much devastated these few weeks. Especially today.

Reason num 1: I'm upset and i found out that nobody even care about that fact.
Reason num 2: My friend wasn't even listening when i opened up to her today. She was flirting with every guy she sees and avoided eye contacts with me the whole time.
Reason num 3: I heard some guy calling me an ugly fat ass behind my back, literally.
Reason num 4: I got a 0 out of 10 in my biology monthly test which i know i've been studying for about 4 days.
Reason num 5: I overheard some of my friends' mums whispered "Amanda's a pretty weird kid."
Reason num 6: My sister hates me.
Reason num 7: My biology teacher hates me, too.
Reason num 8: I feel so empty that i actually had the urge to commit suicide.
Reason num 9: I'm a total disappointment to my parents.
Reason num 10: I want to cry so badly but i just can't.

You probably think I'm some crazy nutcase after you finished reading. Don't worry[not that you would even care anyway], I'm not gonna kill myself or anything.

I might just hurt myself by running into walls.


  1. screw life. it just ain't fair. mine ain't half better babe. text messaging u now. :D