Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Today's tuesday and i bumped into two friends of mine who had just came back from aussie.[Connie & Karina]

We were like "OMG"



Anyway, they both looked prettier than ever. I didn't get to take photos of them tho.

boo hoo.

oh well, what comes around goes around, right? haw haw.
Anyway, the song jai ho by the pussycat dolls had stucked in my head for two days now! I love that song but it's kinda annoying. You know, have the same song stuck in your head for over 24 hours; maybe even 24/7.

btw, miss heatherfield, it's not pronounce as ZAI HO babehh.

I'll update soon about the aussie-asian-friends thing the next time.

with photos.


I'm just pretty busy lazy to blog today. I might as well study, do my facial and of course, my workouts[my fave moment of the day].


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