Saturday, April 25, 2009

Diet Diary 4; Bet

I had a bet with my god-bro and football buddy, FLOWER last night on msn.
He dared me that I'd a lose weight and wear a bikini at the end of the year.
So i said yes, sure, whatever. I have a feeling that I'd have the chance.
I just know it.
I can see picture the beach and me with a totally fit, toned bod and wearing a victoria's secret; pink collection bikini already. GAWD, I FREAKIN' LOVE THAT COLLECTION.

Update: I take back saying i wanted to look like those bony, weasel-looking, anorexic girls. I tried becoming a vegetarian but my dad wont let me and i tried starving but then i realised that i couldn't do it and i'd die if i dont have at least a bowl of rice per day, seriously. I still continue working out tho---not bragging---and i dont feel skinny or fat, i just feel so much healthier. =]

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