Monday, April 6, 2009

I received a gift ; OMG matter.

I received a gift from an, i mean two Indian tutors/teachers, Mr & Mr. Loka from Pinang! Well, she[mrs loka] used to tutor me in Sibu and the last time we spoke to each other was....2004! She had retired and moved back to pinang with her husband. I was sobbing when we said our goodbyes. [I couldn't control my emotions at that time, you see.]

But i didnt get to see her though.

When i first heard she was giving me a present, i thought it'd probably be some educational stuff, pencils, books, pens, yeah you get the picture.

But i was wrong.

It's no chanel or chirstian dior, but i was just thrilled that a teacher actually gave me a F. Timber bag! =]

I even found a purse with a 10 bucks in my bag. I was like huh? ... haw haw

P.S.: Thanks Mr & Mrs. L =]

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