Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Poor Loser

There's this guy from school who seems to hate me, a lot. He'd been doing some certain things to make me feel miserable, but he'd failed of course. =D

1. Spreading rumors about I'm a slutty bitch and that I could never be trusted [Not to be rude but, WHAT THE FUCK?! i mean you don't even know me, creep.]

2. Glaring at me. [Wow, I'm so scared. *shivers*]

3. Give me critism in a disguise but don't even have the courage to look at me. [He often does this especially when I get better results than him or during english class]

4. Calling me names like ji be yan in a disguise[spelling?] way. [AWED, I have a hater who's gay. Cool!]

He did sometimes succeed with getting me annoyed and upset though; it worked for a few minutes.

First, I'm gonna talk about the spreading rumors part. It worked back in a year ago. And guess what? I DONT FUCKIN' CARE ABOUT ANOTHER OPINION OF YOURS, AND YOU'VE PROVED THAT YOU'RE GAY JUST BY DOING THIS.

Second, Glaring is not good for your eyes, darling. But if you want to get it loose and get it drop or losing your sight, suit yourself.

Btw. your insults and critism were like cherry on top. Even though my english is better than yours doesn't mean that I'm a bitch. I'm good at it because i take it seriously, not like some asshole who happens to be you.

And calling me names like ji be/ji bai? Oh, come on! You could've done better than that. insult me as a type of sexual organ doesn't affect me; not even a little. it just showed how uncreactive you are. ;)

MY ADVICE: Grow up! Even though i have the same friends as you doesn't mean I'm trying to replace you or get near to you, bastard. And yes, I've suffered a lot just by being in the same class with you for the pass 2 years. But guess what? We're still going to see each other for another 2 years.

Get a life. Let it go. Why won't you get that?

I've been trying to ignore you and got pretty good at it lately. But i'm starting to think it's just not worth it for some immature jerk like you.

I pity you. Really, I do. I can't believe I actually pity some asshole but hey, life's full of surprises right?

Just Get over it. Get over the past. Get over me.

Or just see a therapist or counselor or something.

What I just wrote may seem like an insult or a joke for you. But it's not. It's just pure justice and opinion, from moi.

Cause you do seem like you need it, dear.


  1. who the fuck would hate u? i'mma kill that boy!!!

  2. Thanks claire[i can call you that, right?] but i dont want you to get dirty with some asshole's blood. =D