Saturday, April 11, 2009

Diet Diary 2

I've been eating normally. &---I'm not trying to brag---Working out for at least 2 hours six days a week for over 30 days now. But i didn't lose any weight or fat and did gain a kilo though.

It's funny cause, that 1 kilo had made me so depressed than ever.

I mean, i did intensive workout ,i eat healthy and i'd avoid sugar and junk food products.

I was having thoughts about this and my regrets like any other nights before i went to bed last night. Then i came to realised that it's either I'd become a vegetarian or I'd starve. So that i could lose weight and finally be happy and accept myself.

I'd do my daily workouts too, so i don't think starving is going to effect my health that much.

I've been dreaming to become like these girls since, It'd be cool if i'd become that skinny.

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