Friday, May 22, 2009

False Rumour

I posted this cause I thought I should and I couldn't concentrate on preparing for my history test tomorrow if i don't. Well, today before we had our Malay test, some students from class hoover came into our class for revision cause their class were used for the Chinese exam. I was doing my revision [or chatting] like everyone else. then all of a sudden Brian[Mr. sparkle] was poiting at someone across the room, eye-ing me. I turned to look that he was pointing at Lung Lung. So, I was like 'What about her?' Then, Brian asked me to stop faking it which kinda confused me cause I wondered why i needed to fake an expression. He kinda asked me that didn't I hate her? Which also confused me, a lot. cause' I don't really know her and there's no reason for me to hate her at all. So natural-ly i would ask him what makes him think I hate her. And he didn't want to tell me. [meanwhile, the poor loser i mentioned from my previous post was glaring at me. Wow, how attractive, not.] Anyway, I'm still confused and i just want to say:

Never in my entire life have i ever bad-mouthed or hated her.
I don't have any reason to do so either.

& There are a few rational explanations for this false rumour:

1. Brian was too stressed out that he was delusional.[possible]
2. Someone used my name to bad-mouthed her.[a very common one.]
3. Someone else spread such pathetic rumour just to get attention or get back at me [& I've already suspected someone but whoever it is, i forgive you. ;) ]

So, here you go. This is one of those drama karma/social crap that i have face in my life. I had had worse but whatever, as long as I know I'm innocent I'm okay with it.

I think.

Anyway, still it's kinda funny [& pathetic] for someone to spread a rumour like that.

& OMG, it's 2.11 pm already! D:

Gotta go. Wish me luck!

Update: So, it is brian being delusional after all. poor guy.

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