Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day before trip to Melbourne

We're all packing and getting everything ready for our flight tomorrow. My two little sis have already finished packing their stuff  two weeks ago. I was like "are you kidding me?!", then i realised that i should've done so, so i won't have to rush and get ready in a hurry in the last minute.

Non of these stuff in these boxes are ours. They're for my relatives. Gosh.  O:

I repacked my luggage for about 3 times. But eventually i got it full enough to be zipped up, briefly. Hey, I'm a girl and I have needs, right?

Speaking of which, despite of gaining back 62 kg, i brought along my workout VCDs along for me to do it in aussie, during winter. ugh,I hate winter cause it's gonna be damn cold. Think about sitting on the toilet seat in the morning when it's about negative 15 celsius degree. But i am excited and grateful that i'm going  =D

PS: I've lost 4 kg! =]

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