Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The end of the horibble horriffying exam week; well, not really.

All my friends get to lay back and do whatever they want today except me [& Flower] cause they've all finished their exams and i still got account. Damnit. I never even considered to study account! Oh well, it's Principal's order, so i might as well just deal with it.

You'd probably wondering how i did my exam and I've thought of a few words to describe it:

Horrible, TORTURING, pure freaky [a word Bianca made up], total hell [not really, i got an A2 for my modern maths, ps: not bragging], etc.

I just felt like crying after i had my chemistry, biology and additional maths. But i didn't, of course.

Anyways, i ran into Presley[spelling?] on my way to school [gate] this morning, he was wearing a sweater and sick (thank god, it wasn't swine flu, jk). It was raining so he asked if i could share my umbrella with him and i did. I'm such a generous person, i know, right? =D

Anyway, here's a conversation between us:
Me: I don't get it, why don't you guys use umbrellas?
Him: Because guys who uses umbrella are sisi(gay in Chinese), & I AM a MAN.
Me: um...okay...
When we reached the school gate, he continued saying "I AM a MAN", repeatedly. Sheesh, what but to be honest, he does look manly[and is too.]

PS: Call me gay, but i prefer being dry ;)

And OMGosh.
I just realised I'm flying to Melbourne in less than 48 hours!
just fyi.
And i need to go do my workout now or my mum would start to fuss about me not arranging my time properly.
And i really don't want that.

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