Thursday, June 18, 2009

I've changed my mind

Well, Its seems like i'm going to update my aussie trip after all. Anyway, i'm just gonna state that I'm going to continue my education in Melbourne next year as a year 11 next year. Part of me feels really excited about it, but i seem to feel well, nervous and upset about it a lot these days too. I mean, i'm going to miss everyone and everything here. considering Aussie has one of the most terrible droughts during summer. and the thought of the winter days that i'm gonna face. oh, and don't forget the fact of starting all over again when i'm suppose to be having my senior year here. =(
So, I'm just gonna spend more time with my besties and family whenever i could. And I WIL. but i still have to work extra hard on my study too. Even Malay. =/


Don't forget to invite me whenever you guys are doing anything fun =D
pwetty pwease?
Cause i do feel like a lonely dork recently. I dont mind being alone but feeling lonely is another thing. Anyway i really need to just hang out with a few friends[even new ones] and socialize a little. If only i could have those special social/mingle skills that i used to have.

Uh-oh, i'm starting to sound paranoid again. Relax, Amanda. RELAX i tell you. HUMMMMM...HUMMMMM..........HHHUUUUUUMMMMMMM....

Well, that's kinda corny, freaky AND stupid, But it kinda helps...a little.
So, i think i'm just gonna ask[you guessed it.]

-with my best puppy dog face-

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