Saturday, June 13, 2009

Aussie trip day 1

Not really the first day, but whatever.

I bumped into a few friends in the airport. Eunice included. =D They were heading to KL for a Choir Festival thingy.

Brenda was bored so she camwhored a little on the plane.

I felt pretty dizzy, plane sick maybe?

We took a train from the main terminal to the satellite terminal.

We checked out the sport store before checking in the air-tel. My mum told my sis to take a photo of me and Steven Gerard's poster since i was drooling over him ,lol.

Checking in the Air-tel.

we camwhore a little again before going on the plane.

We went on the plane at 12am sth. I fell asleep and didn't even get to fisnish my movie.

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