Saturday, June 13, 2009

Aussie trip day 2

UGH, it took me such a long time to upload these photos. And by the way, I'm still sick and my mum was worried that my schoolmates might get sick too[because of me] so she told me to just stay at home on the first day of school.

Anyways, we arrived at 9am sth, aussie time on the 30th of May(Saturday). I remembered cause it was cousin Bianca's Birthday! =D
I woke up at 7am sth, [Aussie time again] and watched the Simpson on the plane. Brenda was kinda bored[again] so we camwhored a little. well....just this one.

After Landing.

Due to Swine Flu the Hospitality was pretty strict at the airport. They even examined us by using some sort of camera thingy to see wheter we had fevers.

A "safety dog" came sniffing our luggages, bags and stuff to sense if there were any suspicious items. awed, if it would just stop running around, I would've took a better photo.

Custom Check. My backpack[school bag] was suspected and was checked twice. And they found out it's just my harmless pillow after all. =/

My uncle and Aunty [and Cousin Josh] haven't arrived yet. So since I was bored, i took photos on random stuff..., randomly.

Outside of the Airport.

Yay! they've finally arrived to pick us up and it just left an hour and half on the car till we reach their place. ;(

So we've finally arrived Rowville. Um, My sisters[make that Brenda, cause Sandy decided to sleep in Aunty Mena's room since it was too squizzy] and I stayed in Jeremy's room with Beatrice[since my parents stayed in her room]. Well, Jeremy slept in front of the tv. Oh yeah, the person in the photo above is Josh playing with the cookie monster puppet we bought for Thomas[my nephew, i think] btw.

So after we've unpacked, we went out for some lunch. We had some chinese food somewhere at Glenn. I've forgotten the name of the restaurant.

Before we went to Bianca's place. My cousin, Michelle and her husband, Philip came over with their kids, Thomas and Melissa to help beatrice with her Facial and massage office. OMG, i can't believe i forgot to take a photo of her work place. =(

last shot before we go =D

This cake taste amazing! =D seriously, it was THE best cake i've ever had in my entire life. Aunty Ma Ping[spelling?] made it.

The birthday girl in the lime green dress.

The Chews.

The cake was part ice-cream and part cheese cake.

Adam Playing drums.

He was aweome.

Me, my sis and Josh slept over at Bianca's place that night. We all slept in their Theathre room.

Her friends made her a scrapbook together. It was a surprise birthday gift for her. How sweet. =D

My typical Lala sister. =/ o well. i still love you.

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