Sunday, June 28, 2009

confessions of a lonely dork

Finally, the internet line's back in, I'm gonna update my trip but i have to post this first, due to the fact that I'm feeling depressed and pissed off.

1. To a guy

I think I'm in love with you. But i know we're never gonna be more than just friends because of our religions, not that i'm racist. I don't care what other people would think but i know that you probably have no interest in me either. I've never been so corny with a guy but i'm gonna say i miss you, quite terribly. And thanks a lot for ignoring my messages. see you in school.
[message deleted before sending]

2. To a girl

I hate you. Really i do. There's only a few words that could describe you: Spoilt asshole, Brat, Bitch,Self-centered, Selfish, Ignorant and fake faggot. And thanks a lot for your freakin' insults for me you creep. Yeah, i'm bigger than you so what? at least i have assets not like some wimp who looks like a piece of salary stick with no boobs bigger than size A31. And fyi, i'm talking about you, bitch.

3. No offense

But I dislike going to church. Really, I do.

4. How i wish...

I could get out of this town as fast as i could so that i don't need to keep up with any more jerks and anorexic self-centered biatch.

5. How i wish...

that i don't need to leave either. =(

6. True that....
I'm a bad sister and daugther and friend.

7.I'm so sick of exercising so hard while i've never really lose any fat at all.

8. I really do want my body to be perfect enough to wear a bikini and stop being called as a total fatass.

9. I want to cry

10. I hate myself for acting like this.

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