Friday, March 6, 2009

Tagged by Rina.

Thank you Rina for tagging me. Thanks an awful lot! I've been studying my chemistry for hour? and my head's starting to feel heavy...and I'm starting to feel really bored. And being tagged is actually something pretty fun for me. =]

1. Would you date someone younger or someone older?
* Older, but not too old please.

2. What do you usually do at 3 am?
* Sleeping; Running from the evil dark master who'd always wanted to catch me and torture me as his prisoner/slave since I was 5, in my nightmares.

3. The Dumper or The Dumped?
* I hate bein dumped, but i also hat being a dumper. wait, i'll use a token for this Question....and it's...the DUMPER. cool, at least it's better than being dumped. =p

4. Describe yourself in 10 words :
* I'm just simply simple and that's what made me special. =/

5. Got to know something interesting recently?
* About how could a girl act bitchy and slutty but sweet at the same time, how come i have depression, how can i cure it, would i be single forever if i dont start to learn how to flirt, am i a loser/dork/freak?, Am i thinking too much?, some guys called me fat and ugly in the public 2 days ago and I wonder if they're right, That my imaginary figure-friend-,Sam had left me for quite a while since she told me that she'd hang out with her new boyfriend for sometime, a new imaginary figure-friend-to be there for me, etc. etc. [i seriously need to see a therapist or something.]

6. List down 3 things that scared the light out of you.
* the dark master in my nightmares.
* that i might weight over 100 kg in the future due to my family's genes [no offense]
* that I lose everyone that i love [which also includes friends and family]

7. How old are you?
* 15 years old and 9 months and 6 days.

8. Do you know anyone by the name Sheryl?
* Nope.

9. Chocolate?
* Any dark chocolate! I'm LOVIN' it.

10. How are you feeling?
* a mixture of tired-ness and depression...and dont forget stressed out.

11. How’s life so far?
* Stressed out. Going nuts. Going insane. Depressed. Has the urge to scream like a total maniac but cant cause not allowed to. [i think i need a hug]

12. Done anything bad in the past 3 months?
* I know there are but i cant think of one right now.

13. What was the most insulting thing anyone’s ever said to you in the past month?
* "Hey Amanda, do you know that you remind me of some UGLY FAT-ASS on tv?" I ignored the jerk, but i was too busy trying not to laugh at the same time. It's funny cause the jerk who insulted me was obviously facing obesity problems. I know i'm not slender or skinny but I'm sure that I'm not THAT fat. XD

14. Are you hairy?
* I have long luscious black hair, does that count?

15. Musical/Athletic?
* hmmm....I'm not sure. Does intensive workouts count as a sport?

16. How’s the muffin?
* I agree with Rina. Choc flavoured ones ARE nice.

17. Do you love anybody specifically?
* Besides God. My family, my friends and heather, my new imaginry figure-friend-. HA! take that Sam! no offense.

18. Have you every cheated on your lover?
* No. in fact, i was the victim of the cheater. Boo hoo. whatever.

19. Do you consider yourself good-looking?
* I dont know, my dad kept telling me that I'm beautiful while everyone else are telling me the opposite.

Thank you for answering. *What? that's it? I want more pls.*

Since Rina had tagged almost everyone i think i'll post this on facebook too.
people i tag:
* Brian (mr. sparkle)
* Ang Hua [Flower]
* Gary (GAH/lily.)
* Cheryl (Miss heatherfield.)
* Louis Tang
* Nick (tiong) [and i gotta give you a nickname]
* Ashley Tang Yi Ying
* Lawrence Kiing
* Amanda Cheng
* Bianca Ling
* Derek Lau
* Adam Chew
* Brandon Chew [i know we dont really know each other but I just love tagging people randomly =p ]
* Christine Chew [same with you Christine, =p]
* Aaron Ting Hua Choon [i gotta give you a nickname too.]
* Karina Khiu
* Beatrice Lim

*Yup, i guess that's it.*

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