Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Haw Haw Worthy =D

I think it's last Friday that i was having this group chat with Bianca and rina on msn. We were having this conversation and rina started talking about role model with bianca and i had no idea what they were tslking about. Then the Haw haw madness came around. I had no idea what they were talking about either unitl rina sent me this:

Then I remember i used to do that all the time with Brenda whenever we mock anyone/anything. LOL, good times good times.

We went back to school and continued the haw haw worthy[madness, that's what i'd called it.] But when i got my exam papers back, it was so not haw haw worth. I was so upset that i eventually ate too much;not my purpose. And eventually, i need to work harder than before to cut off my cardio. But i can't cause I'm PMS-ing!!!!!

And this morning i saw my friend, Joshy----Joshua----was studying, i mean staring at his biology book.

Me: Why are you studying bio? [i was about to poke him, like any other day, but he seemed gloom-ier than any other day]
Josh: I'm conforting myself for the genre of result i got.[covering---protecting--- his waist from being poke by me =P ]
Brian,sparkle: [singing linkin park's lyrics, roughly. i just stared at him while josh went back to his own little conforting with his text book.]

I didn't know exactly how much he got for bio. But i did what he did and it was conforting. Guess i dont need to eat up so much the next time. =D

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