Sunday, February 1, 2009

Review on the songs selected by Bianca Babehh for me.

So Bianca selected two songs and mentioned that i like songs with meaningful lyrics more than songs with nice tunes on her blog. Click here if you want to read it. :
and the songs she selected for me are "Can't Repeat" by Offspring and "no scrubs" by TLC.

REVIEW on "Can't Repeat" by Offspring:" id="W492da13d111f5ab449857389f33feeec" width="300" height="270">" />
hmm, the lyric of the song is pretty good. But i really really really don't enjoy the voice of the frontman of the band. He sounds like if he's shouting instead of singing. Yeah Linkin Park shout and scream sometimes too, but at least they sound good when they do. anyways, at least they---the offspring---tried their best. all they need to do is practice more at singing.
I think I'll give them a 6/10.
REVIEW on "No Scrubs" by TCL:" id="W492da13d111f5ab4498575ad07b8bb71" width="300" height="270">" />
I remember i heard this song on the radio when i was a little kid. I loved it and i still do. The lyrics, the music and the voice of the vocalists match perfectly. But the Video? i mean WHAT.THE.HELL.
oh well, whatever.
i give it a 8/10

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