Friday, February 6, 2009

My cure for Crush Phobia and Depression.

Recently, I got a Crush on some guy who happens to be a really good friend of mine. YES, a crush, on a guy, again. PATHETIC, i know. Why? cause', to me, happy endings just don't exist these days. I'm not trying to be emo here. I'm just telling the truth. and i have proof. My sucky experiences;even though i only had two boyfriends but then it just seem realistic enough.
When my first boyfriend dumped me after a week, he gave me this reason: "I need to concentrate on my studies" So i was like, sure i understand. Then the next day, i saw him flirting with some girl who's gorgeous[not kidding.], i was like umm okay, no big deal, it's normal for a guy to flirt at someone else. But it's just Him+Her with a heart around there names after that flirt sensation event of his. get what i mean? ==

My second boyfriend asked me to have sex with him when we were only 14!I'll repeat again, when we were only FREAKIN' 14! I thought,WHAT THE HELL! Get a life would you?! I told him no[nicely], of course. After that, he just stopped talking to me for 2 days. On the third day, He dumped me via email.[jeez, he's too ashamed to even tell me that in the face. what a COWARD.] after 2 days, i heard he's officially some other girl's boyfirend. UGH! it was like some sick DEJA VU. >=(

Advice for guys: If you want to dump someone, be a man, be honest! and don't dump anyone via email or phone messages! Say it to her face but don't hurt her feelings at the same time. unless you're like a million miles away or you're on planet mars. *chuckle*

Anyway, back to the point.

I tried these ways to cure my Crush Phobia:
-Listen to lots of breakup songs.[but then i got all depress and started to listen to tear drops on my guitar by taylor swift, which also made me even more in confident.]
-Make graphics. [i tried to make some bitchy ones. but then it turned out to be one of those lovey dovey ones when i finished...OMFG!!!]
-Write my Journal.[I started to write about my day, then i noticed there were hearts and HIS name on it when i finished writing about some bitch. but when i read the journal, it was actually about him instead of the bitch i wanted to write about.ugh. how pathetic could i get?]
-Blogging [useless as the rest, obviously.]

After all these, i got really really really depress. So i started my diet and exercising. Which really work. For my depressing problems at least.

Maybe I'm nuts.


Maybe i need to see a therapist.


Maybe i should forget about him.



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