Monday, February 2, 2009

Crush Phobia.

Crush Phobia is a type of disease which everyone---usually girls---would get at least once in a lifetime. Yes, Crush Phobia is actually Crush. But i want to make my blog seem more dramatic so i came up with the name "Crush Phobia".LMAO. And recently I found out that i'm having this disease...again after i noticed I've been drawing names and hearts around my homework and notebooks.*gasp* (NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!)

I scrapped off the name cause it's too inappropriate for disclosure.
I deleted the photo cause' some guy told me that it looks obvious.

and also after i found out that i kept making icons such as...


and this.

To me, Crush Phobia is a total horrible disease due to my experience.

Clues to getting Crush Phobia:
- You feel totally comfortable with him/her
- You think of him/her at least once a day.
- You get jealous and upset when you heard that he's/she's into someone else or when you saw him/her flirting with someone else.
- His/her hands are incredibly warm to you, in a really good way that make your heart jump extra fast whenever you touch it even though it's just for a second.
- You could recognize him/she anywhere anytime even though it's just a blur.
- You start having dreams about her/him.
- etc. etc.

A few usual facts after you get the disease:
- You didn't tell him/ she and you regret and feel all alone in the end.
- You tell him/her about your feelings toward him/her, but he/she dumped you and then you end up feeling upset and embarrassed and you two might don't even have the chance to be friends anymore. MIGHT.
- You tell him/her about your feelings toward him/her, then he/she tells you that he/she too has feelings towards you in the same way and you guys end up becoming one of the happiest couples until it's over.

Cure: (i don't think there's any cure. But please don't try go punch yourself in the face just like the way i did.)

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