Monday, October 5, 2009

Why so serious?

I went back early today, again. Yep, three times in a row. This time is allergies. How absurd it is?! Well, it is for someone who never had allergies in her entire life until last Saturday. :( I bet it's my sister's fault since they cursed me like 2 weeks ago. Well...not really, but close enough. We were having dinner and they were whining about how unfair it is that they have prawn allergies and i dont have to worry about something like that. And now, thanks to them, i can't even get to scratch my now itching butt----------My mum assured me not to do so or it'll get worst and I'm putting on aloe vera lotion every 2 hours,which i should be doing right now instead of updating these meaningless information online.

So, my gym teacher asked me what's wrong this time, again. & i was so embarrassed for some reason that I asked why he always had to asked. but then i quickly faked a smile and told him that i was joking right after i saw him strike a sad and offended expression. Nice safe. Well, i didn't mean to be rude. I guess i was just embarrassed for being so weak.

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