Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Praja and Dhanube were here and just went home.
I'm having a terrible headache.
Because of the stupid headache, I can't do my workout.
I am Freakin' pissed at myself and feeling so damn guilty right now cause' I'm not doing exercise, which I'm supposed to and I ate lots of junk food with Rina and Bianca today.
I'm not gonna update much details about my exams,just not now.
I'm gonna update about my trip to aussie which is about 2 months ago....some other time.
I dont feel like blogging much because i kinda feel like I'm just wasting my precious time and youth.
& Rina's Bro commented that our blogs are just like any other teenage blogs...nothing special.
(well, heck, i dont care.)
I need to attend the gb pioneer council dinner at a church tonight *grunt*
& I bet it's gonna be pretty boring.....
I failed my Chemistry...i think.
I only got 84% for my English paper which is also one of the reasons I'm mad!
& my mum's going to nag about how poor i am in english since Malaysia has such low standards,no offense.
I need a hug =(
But I'm not allowed to hug anyone cause' my mum thinks it's what a pervert would do.
And most of all I've had fun with praja and dhanube today <3

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