Monday, October 5, 2009

Use somebody

It would be nice for me to use someone to talk to. But then again, My journal is my best friend who i could trust the most after God and Jesus.
I'm listening to "love drunk" by boys like girls with an earbud put on my right ear. They're awesome, man. And it kind of reminded me of my first relationship with a guy i now resembles as a two times back-stabbing jerk/ lying snake who i wasted my tears and youth on. And if you happens to be the one that's reading this right now, I'm so over you , for real and i hope you'd have a nice life since we all need to move on and you'll need to get over me,too. Oh yeah, stop being so obsessed with yourself, ok? :)
Oh yeah, I've been listening to John Mayer and Paramore these days, they're awesome. Love 'em.

And did I mention how much i love my guitar and Andrew's electric one? Well, guitars are awesome, man. I wanna get a electric one someday. I never thought i would have my dream come true----having the chance to learn how to play guitar. I even noticed something, my fingers feel warmer since i've started practicing guitar chords. See? Guitars are awesome, just what I've told you. :)

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